Kenwood Presbyterian Church, PC(USA)
We are a community of faith with a vision to share God's love with all.  YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!
Joys and Concerns
Those in Need of Prayer
Elaine Carnahan                Dee Maglosky                    Paul Stortz
Jim Dry                                Holly McKenzie                  Gary Toothe
Patty Fuller                         Kennedy Rose                    Jane Ward
Don Gillispie                       Linda Schoenberger         Jackie Willard
Lucille Jones                       Shirley Schoenberger       Skip Znamirowski
George Loss                       Olivia Schiano                    Ron Hoey

Special Prayers for
Our military troops and their families
Emma White and her family
If you are in need of prayer, please call the church office at 410-668-4664 or email the pastor .  Know that we pray for you daily.  Know that you are loved.  Know that God cares about you!